“American Mayo is AH-MAZING! I’ve never eaten an organic mayo this delicious -  on food or by itself. :-)

– Amanda Johnson


“Finally a soy free mayo that doesn't taste bitter and fake.  Perfect mayo. I have a 10 table restaurant in Annapolis and would love to be able to buy in bulk when available.  Keep up the mayo passion over there.

–  Liam Ansley


“We LOVE American Mayo!  We first discovered it at the Fells Point Farmers Market in Baltimore and have had nothing else since.  Thank you!” 

– Keith Gates

"This shit is DOPE!"

– Tom Fox



Made with love in the USA


Our Story

Customer Raves

They say desperation breeds creativity.  American Mayonnaise comes from this idea.  Frustrated with the current commercial and organic mayonnaise market, we at American Mayonnaise decided to stop complaining and do something about it.  The mass produced mayo products that we currently find on the shelves are more Mayonnaise Sauce than the French emulsion.  The selection of organic mayonnaise currently taste, well…clinical.  They might call themselves “REAL”, but those of us who know what real mayonnaise is, know It Is Not. Real mayonnaise is a simple emulsification of high quality organic oil, eggs, an acid (lemon and/or vinegar) with simple seasonings.  That’s it!  That is what American Mayonnaise is.  Simply Delicious Mayonnaise.